Hey UG community, I'm looking to buy a double neck guitar (like Jimmy Paige's) but I don't really want to spend thousands on the Gibson and Epiphone ones. If anyone knows of a double neck guitar that has half decently good quality, resembles the looks of Paige's (doesn't have to be the same color) and costs around $400-6 or 7 hundred, please let me know!
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Used Epiphone SG. As double neck guitars go it's a good one and will hold it's value pretty well.
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It's still an ES 1275, not an SG. Picky, I know.

I've played a few 1275's (both Epi and Gibson) up at work, and all I can say is be prepared. Those things weigh a ton. First time I played one my respect for those who have grew.
i think rondo made some agile double necks, both 6/12 and 6/4 that can be found fairly cheap.
Why do you want a doubleneck? Is it mostly for looks or do you need it to do something in particular?
Didn't you already start a thread about cheap double neckers?
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