Hello Guys,
in order to boost my Guitar Skillz, i wanted to participate on the 21 Days Guitar Challange.

So i've found this song: http://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/avenged-sevenfold-afterlife-tab-s22306t2
And i am wondering if its relatistic to master this whole song, all guitar parts, in those 21 Days.

Especially the "Solo B" is in my eyes a HUGE problem, since i never played so fast that style.

I play guitar since 2 years now, and i really love this song
Appreciate any help!
I have no idea whether you can master that song in 21 days or not. People can be at very different levels after having played for 2 years. However, even if the solo looks rather quick and there is the possibility that you can't play the whole song at full speed after 21 days, I suggest you boldly accept the challenge and do the best you can with it. In that time you'll anyways be playing the song at moderate speed and know it thoroughly. That will only be a good thing in the future if you want to play similar music.
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