I have always used D'addario 10-46 strings for standard E tuning. I am looking to try some other string gauges so I put 10-52 light top/heavy bottom strings on but I don't like them on my PRS. I find that 46 on top is too floppy. I play mostly Metal music.

I am wondering string tension wise what the difference between 10-48 heavy core dunlop strings and 11-49 d'addario would be? Dunlop doesn't seem to publish string tension charts like d'addario does. I am looking for something in-between 10-46 and 10-52.

Thanks for any insight or advice.
Sounds like you just need to go with the Dunlops, if you are plased with the other set except for the 46. 11-49 is going to stiffen up the whole set.
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I'm not sure heavy core is equivalent to a higher string gauge. I would imagine the 11-49 has more tension than the heavy core 10-48. Of course the only way to find out is trying it out. 11-49 sounds like overkill for standard E tuning though.

You could buy individual 48 or 50 strings for the low E to go with the 10 set.
sombrero_mop I tried 10-52 and I don;t like how unbalanced the set is. Too much tension and too loose on the high strings.
Thanks guys, I will probably pick up a set of the dunlops this weekend and try them out. I already have a set of 11-49's so may do a side to side comparison with one of my other guitars.

I'll try to report back with my findings
just see what you like.

i use d'addario 11-49 nickel blues in my E std guitars, and dunlop heavy core .12-54 for anything that is drop tuned.

if it is a droptuned 24.75" scale guitar i will put a .060 on the top string so it is a little less floppy.

but that is what works for me and shouldn't matter to you. buy a few packs and see what you like.
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