I thought it sounded very good, man. Nice style and tone. It would have helped, in a recording type way, to differentiate the ton between the two guitars a bit and up the volume on the lead, but that's just technical junk.

Very tasteful bends and quite refreshing to hear for me. There were maybe two small parts that lagged a bit in timing, but obviously off the cuff, timing can be a bit tricky. Practicing improv obviously strengthens that, which I'm sure you know.

Lots of rambling... Keep rocking on!
Try adding more delay.
Thank you for the feedback! Guitar is a thinline mahogany telecaster if you wondering about the tone, just a blackstar ID15 amp. Hopefully I'll upload some more (it's only today that I worked out how to record directly onto my PC.

I did stick it into middle position for the solo and it was neck for the backing but I guess you're right, I should have changed them a lot more.

This style of music is new to me, I was just messing around really. I'm used to playing heavier stuff but I'm finding it fun.

I am aware of the mistakes too! It was entirely off the cuff and I've never been the best at improvising and keeping in time, I'll take your advice and keep practicing!

Thank you again!
Sounded good! I liked it.

Something to think about, if you want:

To me it sounded like you pretty much started all your phrases at the first beat of a measure. So you might want to think of "surprising" your audience at times with starting your phrases from some other place of the measure with downbeat or upbeat.

Maybe you want to mix between shorter and longer phrases, slower and faster, softer and harder. Perhaps you want to stay at one note for longer time and embelish it with a nice vibrato, or bend and vibrato. Think about also the spaces between phrases: if you want the phrases to be very distinct of each other or if you want to leave only little space between them. Maybe mix things up with all of these.

And perhaps you want occationally add some extra notes with the pure pentatonics to give more flavor to the sound. For instance some major seconds and sixes.
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Thanks Tim,

I'm not really sure how to do that, I realise that I am playing pretty much at the same speed and as you say, always starting on the first beat and probably always with the root note. I struggle to do anything else, timing is my weak point. Is there any way to practice using more complicated timing/speed?

Also, the pentatonic scale is the only thing I know how to play in. Can you recommend some other scales to move onto? I've tried using the major scale but I just can't seem to make anything with it.
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The beginning riff reminds me quite a bit of early Incubus. I think the lead could be mixed in a bit more. The solo scale-use sounds a bit like Zeppelin, awesome! 1:12 the rhythm change is good. Liking the ominous note choices. I agree with Tim_Rock about the bend/vibrato. A bit more use would keep your listeners engaged in the song. I highly recommend buying The Guitar Grimoire for scales and modes (black book) for every scale you'd ever need if you really want to branch out your playing. It's helped me a ton! I hear potential; keep at it!