hey guys,

Have a few questions. Thanks for the help! let me know if you need anymore info.

Signal Path for Reference
Guitar -> Blackstar Cab Sim (xlr out Series one 45 combo) -> yamaha mixer (MG10xu) -> Tannoy 802 Monitor speakers

My sound is extremely fuzzy when I play thru the monitors compared to the cab speakers. I tend to play at lower volumes, so I have a volume effects pedal in effects loop, could that be creating the issue? I can get a solid distortion/overdrive sound at fairly low volumes but when I play thru the cab speakers but thru the cab sim it sounds terrible. I've noticed that when I turn my pre-amp volume way down and gain way down it sounds better thru the monitor speakers but still its kinda rough and doesn't have the same grit.

Any pointers? Are there tricks to the EQ of the mixer to help? Just seems odd that the sound would be so bad.

The Monitor speakers sound great for playing music, drum tracks thru my drum maching which runs thru the same mixer. So I don't think its a mixer issue, or at least not from a broken mixer.

also, i use Bias FX with the same mixer/guitar with a 1/4" direct in and it sounds fine.

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That'd be the god awful analog cab sim you've got in that thing.
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Get a microphone and mic the speaker or slap a speaker IR in the DAW. I use NadIR freeware and you can download the Kalthalen free impulse reponses.
Since you mention you have Bias already, disable the amp but leave the cab on and see how you fare. The fx out as well which will give you a cleaner signal, since you're saying the cab sim is nasty sounding.
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