Hi folks!

The band I am in (Underwing) just released our first song, "Reaper", and for the song we made a music video (which is a bit out of sync at some places :p).
We would really appreciate some constructive criticism on the song itself and the sound quality of the song (mixing and mastering). If you want to comment on the video itself, that would also be welcome.

Anyways, we want to share this with you, so I hope you enjoy

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The groove...got my foot tapping right from the start. The sound is also pretty cool. It's got a classic vibe with a bit of a modern twist. The mix seemed pretty good. The only spot that got a little overwhelming was when the singer hit that high note at the same time as the end solo was beginning. Couldn't really hear the drums or anything else there. But that's just if I'm nit picking. Overall great job.
Hey man! Same as poster above about the groove

Good job with the singing and the harmonies, the main vocalist has a very good voice for this type of music! About the sound, I think it already sounds good and fitting for this type of music, but I'd suggest you to try and give the general sound a bit more character, while already keeping the way you sound, try and experiment with different guitar effects, like a wah pedal for the solos for example, I think it would add a lot to your sound

Very cool song! Good job!

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Hey, thanks for the review.
This song is recorded well, the guitars sound good and the lead tones are sweet. The bass could do with being more prominent though. I didn't feel the song needed to be 5 and a half min long myself though. Overall it's a good recording.
The video is fine for its type. I think I saw a few syncing issues here and there. The effects are good.
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Hey man!

This is an amazing song! Excellent job! I loved the overall sound, the production etc. Keep me posted if you release more music!