Just looking for some good suggestions on a good brand or brands of cleaner and conditioner for rosewood fretboards. I got a used guitar and it isn't too bad but the fretboard could definitely do with a cleaning.
I personally just use some cloth to clean off most of the dirt and then use Dunlop 65 Lemon Oil. If it's really dirty and hasn't been cleaned in a long time, I might use some really fine steel wool.
I'd lean away from the steel wool recommendation, especially on the wood. I've actually used a single-edge razor blade as a scraper (some folks use a credit card) to get serious amounts of gunk off a fretboard that had a lot of DNA and dirt buildup, but honestly the best and cheapest cleaner/conditioner is plain old mineral oil. That and a microfiber cloth will handle almost anything. Most of the aftermarket concoctions are mineral-oil based (including Dunlop 65 Lemon Oil, which has no real lemon anything in it at all). It's not worth spending the money on things like Fret Doctor and Gerlitz, etc., though you'll see rabid users posting before and after photos of their fretboards looking pretty. Rosewood and ebony fretboards should be kept clean, but both woods have enough internal oils that neither needs to have anything applied at all for the life of the instrument (say, 200 years or so). Mineral oil helps the fretboard cosmetically, and helps prevent moisture and sweat from getting into the wood, but it should only be applied a couple of times a year. Apply it VERY sparingly, let it sit for a minute (do NOT let it "soak in") and then wipe it off. Job done.
What about a rosewood body? I used Duck Wax the first and only time I've cleaned it so far. Its brand new and I think its a keeper so, anything I should know?
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