So, at some point, instead of micing an amp in the studio, I started using my engineer's Boss GT8 as a preamp. I'm not sure what prompted this, but as someone adamantly opposed to multieffects and anything digital, I was shocked at the results.

I use the "Clean and Crunchy" preset with the gain, level, and all of the EQ knobs slightly past half. All of the effects off. And I'll be damned if it doesnt sound as good as micing an amp, with none of the ambient noise issues. Line level out, stereo or mono.

I was looking for something like this to take to other sessions, and even to have as a backup live. Something much smaller than the GT8. I'm only using a tiny fraction of what it can do.

Here is what I tried:

I'd love to hear your thoughts.
i think the boss mfx was the worst. the joyo the best of the three, but not great. HOWEVER i wouldn't ever track anything with any of them. they may get the job done but nothing sounds overly great. i wouldn't track any of them.
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