Are you fretting the low G with your thumb? That might make it a bit more natural feeling.
I tried it and to me it felt easiest to play the 3rd fret of the 6th string with my thumb, like RichieJovie said. Then I barred the d and g -strings with my pinky or ring (5th fret) and index fingers (3rd fret) while damping other strings so that they don´t ring while strumming away.
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That'll do the trick. Can also damp the 5th string with the thumb curled over the neck. But a good idea to also learn to play this sort of riff with the 1st finger barring, and using ring and pinky, or middle finger and ring finger.
Thanks to everyone! Fretting the low E string with my thumb really helped. That was a bit of a surprise to me, to be honest. I've been taking guitar lessons for a while and my instructor told me that wrapping my thumb around the neck is absolutely wrong so I've never really bothered to try this myself. I'm so glad you guys opened my eyes!
RoseInTheRain Yeah, it's really common practise actually.

I looked for a live version of the song and at around 26 seconds you can clearly see, that the guitarist wrapps his thumb around the neck.

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