Ive been drumming for a while now and i really improved myself in 5 years or something.Biggest milestone was playing dance of eternity or being able to learn hard songs fast.But i started to feel like im not improving myself by playing hard songs.I want to learn new style beats (latin seems interesting9 but i found out that im not as patient as i was when i was starting up.How can i get better in such a condition?

hey one thing that will push you past your limits is applying rudiments to the entire drumset

the paradiddle on the snare RLRR LRLL will help with your stick control but then take that pattern and make fills out of it

Then apply dynamics on top of that: for example using ghost notes in that paradiddle exercise or replacing a part with the bass drum

Work on these ideas and other rudiments and you'll be advancing pretty quickly
The most difficult thing I'm working on is steady drumrolls. The paradiddle is an excellent suggestion because it helps with drumrolls on the snare and fills around the kit. I don't know why, but I find it very challenging.

Another suggestion I have for you is playing with as many different people as possible. I used to be a headphones only drummer & I started an open Jam Meetup and get different people to show up to jam with, and it's a blast AND it's improving my drumming. I had never played Latin beats until I started jamming with different people and had no idea I could do it, but now it's something I have added to my repertoire.
Keep rockin'!
Also you'll be surprised at what you can do if you try different kits...I had no clue I could do latin house beats until I played an electric kit
I've noticed that in my earlier days of drums, I could play fast metal beats like a machine, but as I've started to mature and play slower, groovier, music... I've lost the ability to keep up in speed with my former self. However, what I've lost in speed I've far progressed in creativity and groove. I no longer feel like I need to play as fast as possible to sound good and, while I probably can't play half the songs I used to be able to, my recordings come out a billion times better because there's way more feel to them. I'd really suggest you try something you'd generally think is below your skill level, but play it in your own style. Go outside your comfort zone, really... Like as far as you can.
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