I need some helping with the tabs to Late to The Party by Kacey Musgraves. All the tabs on here are not very accurate. Here's a video showing the tabs (i'm still a beginner thus i'm not so great at deciphering the tabs)
Thank you in advance
Sorry I honestly don't see the problem with this tab: https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/k/kacey_musgraves/late_to_the_party_ver3_crd.htm

It indicates that the capo should be on the 6th fret, as shown in the video by both guitarists. The song's chords are simple open forms of G, Am, Em, & D. That places the progression in the key of G. However, with the capo on 6, the actual key is Eb, and that may be what's confusing you.

In the case of this tab, (the one with 35, 5 star ratings): https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/k/kacey_musgraves/late_to_the_party_crd.htm It is suggested to put the capo on the 1st fret, and you'd be playing in the key of C. However, that would make the key Db, 2 semitones down from the key in the video.

With a guitar capoed as high as the 6th fret, you lose a lot of bass. This doesn't affect the band though, as they have a bass player to take up the slack.

You might also try capoing your guitar on the 3rd fret, and use the chords in the 35 5 star tab. That would place the key the same as the video, so you could play along, but not lose so much bottom end in your guitar.
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The problem with the first one is that it doesn't sound exactly like the one shown on video, and like you said, it lacks a lot of bass, but not just because the capo is high up at 6, and rather because it's just too simple of a fingerstyle tab. It sounds very similar, but to me, the one played by the guy in blue sounds much better. Different people, different strokes. The chords are spot-on on either one of the links you've provided, but I specifically want the tabs played by the guy in blue. It's my fault if my wording failed to point that out.
trolololama Well, the "guy in blue", is ostensibly the lead guitarist. As you may or may not know, country, and tt perhaps even a greater extent bluegrass styles utilize, fills, licks, and what I'm going to call "noodling" from within the open position chord structures. Depending on you where move your finger on the D-4 string alone, a C major chord can be either, C major, C5add9, or Csus4. Ditto for an A minor chord with respect to the 3rd & 5th strings, where you can get C major, or C6, which is the same notes as Am7.

Accordingly,I think it's a bit "optimistic" on your part to expect a fully accurate tab based on that one particular player's part and style.

I, (regrettably), am not a tab contributor here at UG.

With that in mind, this particular thread/request was filed in the wrong sub-forum to begin with.

Your interests might be better served starting another thread here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=10