Hi guys,

I am a beginner on home recording and I am just wondering is there any recommendation of any interface u guys could suggest for?

I am currently using a Line 6 UX2 and I am looking for any improvement to replace this.

My aim is to mostly mic-ing from an amp or to connect the emulated output from an amp to an interface (I am using a blackstar amp)

The Line 6 does pretty much a good job from both categories but I simply can't make use of the POD Farm function, can't get a good tone really, especially for distortion, perhaps I need to purchase the metal pack. I don't want to pull the trigger, rather than that I would consider purchase the BIAS DESKTOP

So in conclusion, I basically looking for an interface that is ideal for four purpose, mic-ing for an amp, for emulated output, and the most important thing is it doesn't clip when recording distortion signal, and the last thing is good compatibility with the BIAS DESKTOP

Why I mentions about the clip problem is because I have purchased the Focusrite Scarlett Solo before and it is an absolute nightmare, the distortion cracks so badly, even my Line 6 can do so much better job than him, so this is something I really want to avoid for, and secondly indeed I want the tone to stay as original as possible. My budget is up to £300, and thank you to all you guys if you could give me some good advice.

My current bet is: Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 or Steinberg UR22mkII

As I heard both of them got a pad function to reduce gain from the guitar signal
The UR22 doesn't have a pad function and has been known to clip with some users. So if it's between the two of these interfaces and having a pad function is your main criteria, then I guess you have a pretty easy decision in front of you.
I'm curious to know how long you have been using the UX2? For a beginner, it's a pretty good interface and should last you some years until it breaks or it doesn't fulfill your needs (which it looks like it still does). The UX2, Scarlett, and UR22 are all in the same range and you most likely will not hear a difference between them when recording. If it's POD Farm that you don't like, then just find some free amp and cab sims, there are plenty good ones these days that should suffice. As for the clipping, this really shouldn't be an issue because you can just turn the volume down on your guitar (if going DI). IMO you should save your money for something else, or a much better interface for you use down the road.

Thanks for ur advice

I have only used the UX2 for about 2 years. If the 2i4 and UX2 are between the same range of recording quality, then like u say I will not pull the trigger and save money for something else.

Any other factor that will improve the recording other than interface and mic then? (I m using sm57)
Studio monitors, upping your production techniques would probably be better bet than getting similar interface. If you can go up a notch to RME or Audient interfaces you'd probably hear a difference, but I think most likely you crutch at this level will be production.
Bottom Line, BOSS BR-800, Zero latency decent COSM guitar AND vocal amp models and effects save to patches. I've been down the painful roundabout of other USB audio interfaces, recording dry, latency and performance issues. Now I just use ableton live, Ezdrummer and record all my guitars and vox through the BOSS. If you haven't a bass, it even has a GUITARTOBASS patch which sounds great.

If it's just guitars you are interested in, the GT-001 has superior COSM models, but in inferior vocal processor.

I have a full review on my blog.
There won't be a great enough difference in interface sound quality at that budget to justify the purchase. I'd either invest in the metal pack or try some of the free sims on the Internet
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