1- 0:31-0:51 in this video :

(soft and almost like bass)

2- The one that used in guitar solos (noisy and huge)

They have different sound.. Are these different type of guitars? or Are they the same but with different effects or devices or something? Are there more types of guitars? (I mean like their sounds, not considering : Gibson, Fender..etc as types of electric guitars) because I want to buy an electric guitar and I don’t know what sound would it obtain
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Do you mean guitar solos in general? I did a cursory fast-forwarding through that video and I didn't see any solos (though I could have missed them, it was very cursory ), and then it hit me that maybe you meant solos in general.

regarding the tone in the video, he's using the neck pickup (you can see where the pickup selector is), he's also using his fingers instead of a plectrum, and he may well have the volume and/or tone controls on the guitar turned down a bit (especially if the amp is overdriving a bit)- all of those things will make the tone warmer/softer like in the video.

basically- the guitar affects how the thing will sound, different guitars do sound different, and especially with the "classic" models (like a strat, tele, les paul etc.) they have a kind of characteristic tone which, if that's what you want, you kind of need that style of guitar to absolutely nail that type of tone. But you can also get multiple different types of sounds out of the one guitar if you know what you're doing (as the paragraph above suggested). And the amp is incredibly important, it makes a bigger difference than the guitar does. FX make a big difference too, though you don't have to use FX.

Do you have any links to the type(s) of sounds you'd like to get? If you could link to that lead/solo sound you're talking about, and also any other types of sounds you'd like to be able to get, we'll do our best.

Also if you look on youtube, there are often videos describing the difference between different types of guitars (like strat vs tele, etc.) and also between different types of amps, so if you watch some of those it should give you some idea as well.
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