Please. Help.

I have been screaming and singing for about two years, never had an actual issue. I think I'm doing everything right. I have never had a problem directly from screams or cleans.

My issue is after a very intense game of CS:GO. We were all super hyped and two of us were screaming (not the right way) and I must have over done it. I feel really stiff and tight in my throat, and when I swallow it feels like there's a tiny lump inside my throat almost as if it is rubbing inside there.

My voice sounds fine still, it doesn't particularly hurt bad. Just some discomfort... I'm really bad at pain, I could really be in pain and not know it.

Did I just stress myself? Did I give myself a vocal hemmorhoid (lol). Should I go to a ENT, or should I just take a break? How long?

Any experience or input is appreciated. I'm going to remember this and not do it again.
I also have some problem with my throat. I think we need to take a rest for a while and go for checking by doctor to make sure it is ok. Hope you will get back ok soon