Hi All,

I've recently completed a project guitar and am having a small issue with the wiring.
I've used the schematics attached and it seems to have worked fine, except the neck tone control doesn't seem to work.
Bridge selected - Bridge tone operates fine
Neck selected - No ability to adjust tone
Both selected - Bridge tone adjusts all tone; neck tone still has no control

All of the wiring is as per the diagram.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to what could be leading to this problem?

Thanks in advance for any support.
Only thing I can think of offhand is that the Neck tone pot isn't grounded or you have a wiring error. Can you take some good clear pics? Upload them to tinypic.com or somewhere since the forum's size limits will get in the way.

Also, having one tone pot control both pickups when the switch is selecting both pickups is normal for that wiring.
Ah, I see, this is the best schematic diagram I could find for what I was after. Ideally I'd like to be able to have the p/up tones independant of one another when they are both selected. I may have to look for another appropriate schematic.
I'll check for the grounding and if any wiring has come away. I'll also try and take some photos and upload.

Thanks a bunch for the reply.
Just a thought... would the amended wiring diagram solve my issue?
I'm pretty new to the wiring game so you may have to cut me some slack if this is way off!
That wire you marked out is just a ground wire. It won't "separate" the tone controls, and adding the blue wire is exactly like putting the one you marked out back in, making the whole thing moot.

Swapping the wires on the middle and outer lugs of the tone pots should make them independent.

If you want an easy way to start learning about guitar wiring, you can check out the wiring thread in my sig.
Awesome. I'll check your thread later today.
Sorry to be naive, but which wires do you suggest i swap over exactly?..
Here's the section of the original diagram you posted, re-drawn. All I did was swap the wires on each lug of the tone pots. This should make them independent.

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