Hey guys,

So I bought the beatbuddy pedal from ebay.

Current gear:
gibson les paul studio

1) is the pedal considered good ? I have the trio+ but I sold it.

2) assuming that I'm using the four cable method to connect the GT-100 to the amp, what would be the ideal way to connect the beatbuddy ?

Thanks for your help
Nah man, you didn't mess up. I scan still remember my multi effects board, so many moons ago. I don't know much about the 4 cable method, but a Boss Multi Effects into a Blackstar aint so bad at all in the bedroom, hell even on the stage. I knew a whole slew of guys that would rock Boss Multi-Units. I like pedals, but I didn't way back when. It was something that I just sort of worked my way into.

Dude - You've got a Gibson, a 40 watt Tube head, and some effects - have a ball, and rock the hell out!!
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