Hello all,

I have some new equipment, sound pedal, mixer and self powered speaker.
My guitar is fairly old. When I plug it in, it is all good. There is no noise.
But the minute I even slightly touch the strings and stop, there is a hissing / soft buzz that emits from the speaker, which stops straight after I mute / hold the strings again. It is soft enough to be hidden withing playing, but I am still curious as to what is causing it.

Perhaps having an old guitar with not the best of pickups and strings, speaks for itself.
I would still like to hear some opinions / advice if you have a moment.

Thank you in advance
Well I'd say it's about grounding. My guitar grounds to my hand apparently and most of my noise goes away by touching anything that has straight connection to the microphones (ie. pots, strings, bridge).

Edit: I have a vintage Ibanez guitar from 1980.

Edit2: The right board for this thread is Electric Guitar.
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Hi Blacknex,
Thank you - I will give that a try.
I remember my mic picked up static as well. They are all close to a power-source with many adapters and electrical points.
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They are all close to a power-source with many adapters and electrical points.

This could be part your issue try to organise your wires and not have them twisting around each other and such. But definately check for a good ground and possibly add some sheilding to the control cavity of your guitar.
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