I have a statocaster type guitar that has alliance written on it . Can you identify this brand?
You might not get an answer because this thread isn't for guitar related questions. Have you looked at reverb.com?
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Honestly, it seems like there isn't a lot of information on Alliance guitars. There's a few forums out there with people asking for information on them.
it probably doesn't help that literally every single guitar company that has ever existed has built a strat copy at some point or another.
There are a limited number of factories worldwide that manufacture guitars, most in Asia, Mexico, Japan and Korea there are others of course in the U.S. and other countries but they typically make higher end instruments. Most of the factories I first mention build guitars for more than one company and they are branded as requested some are imported to the country of the contracting manufacturer for a once over and a set up (I know Schecter does this for their imports) and some are shipped direct from the factory to the store.

Most guitars are branded by the big name companies or even the lessor known companies that cater to the lower end market but still have a recognisable brand name, as for the rest information about them can be difficult to find and this is when you must rely on forums There are and were tons of brands that lasted only a short while so there are little to none when it comes to records and such.
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