Hey everyone, I was starting learning some songs that required multiple-fingers tapping (I don' t know if that' s the name of the tecnique), like Scale the Summit, Animals as Leaders, this girl that is amazing, ecc
I was a little in difficulty to perform that tecnique, and I was wondering if you have any tip/suggestion/exercise to improve my ability.
Practice legato technique. You can't do that if you can't do basic pull-offs and hammer-ons first. Learn to use all of the fingers in your picking hand, a big obstacle for a lot of people is that their picking hand fingers have never had practice, so learning stuff like basic fingerpicking would probably help a lot in left hand/right hand coordination.

I've seen a lot of names for the technique. Piano tapping, computer tapping, some people say "two-hand tapping" (lol), but multi finger tapping sounds fine.
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Also come across names such as 'bidextral slurring' and 'the octadigital technique'.
8 finger tapping is a common name as well. Practice two hands separately (ie play leads with only one hand using all hammer-ons and pull-offs while the other hand doesn't really do anything.
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