I'm basically trying to establish how many songs we should be able to play before we start looking for gigs at local pubs. My town is full of older people so we'll have to be playing stuff like Rolling Stones, Gn'R etc. (basically rock music from around 60s - 80s) but I don't know how many songs will constitute as a "good sized" cover setlist, including a couple songs put to the side for whatever reason.

Again, this wouldn't be for anything major, just so that we all can get some live playing practice - even if we are in the corner and mistaken for a damaged juke box!

Edit: Also, any songs suggested would be greatly appreciated!
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8-10 I'd say as a minimum but you should try to get that to 20 over time so you can mix it up.

Based on your comment, some very generic suggestions for bar type music would be:

RS: Jumpin Jack Flash
RS: Can't you hear Me Knockin (although you'll have to have a 2nd guitar or change tuning)
Beatles: Get Back
ACDC: Back in Black
GNR: Paradise City
LZ: Whole Lotta Love
ZZ Top: Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers
How long will you be playing for? For a two hour set you might need something like 30 songs.
It's always better to have too many songs rather than too few.
Yes 30 songs is a good place to start.

Thin lizzy - Boys are back in town
RS - Dead flowers
GFR - I'm your captain
Hollies - long cool woman
Jackson Browne - Running on empty
Cover gigs are a game I play regularly. We typically do 3x40 min sets, 12 songs per set. 36 songs plus a few encores so we will have 40 cued up and ready. Our entire catalog is around 200 songs and we rotate them based on the expected crowd and our mood.

Good luck!
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