Hello there,I'm builing a guitar cabinet as a project(Ending semester and has nothing else to do) with a 10´´ speaker.I play a lot of metal but also i like to improvise blues. What speaker should I be getting? I live in bolivia so I will have to order it from amazon or ebay. The amp head i'll be getting is not too loud,i think 8 ohms and a max of 30-50 watts.
Is there any reason why it has to be a 10" cabinet? A 12" might be a better match for metal.
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Eminence Ragin Cajun is a quality 10" with a lot of EVM vibe. Worth a look if your cab is designed around a 10".
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Despite the naysayers, I think a 10" speaker is great for a small rig. I built a 12" as a project and it sounds great but considering I don't gig, I wish I had made a 10" so it would be easier to carry when I jam.

On topic, I've had good experience with Eminence speakers.