I've been playing for years. I'm a self-taught player and I managed to get through most things I wanted to play.
But I guess I haven't been practicing as much as I used to. Now it feels like I forgot how to pick properly.

I can't decide how to hold my index finger. For some stuff I hold it with the side of my finger almost at 90 degrees.
Then there are some stuff, mostly medium speed alternate picking where I have to hold it in a completely different way:
My index finger is straight and holding the pick with the finger pad. It has a more percussive sound and is much more precise at medium speeds.

This bugs me very much. I feel like an idiot not knowing how to hold my pick.
Because of this I can't play riffs I could play years ago and have to stop to figure out how to hold the pick so I can play them properly.
Is it normal to change how you hold the pick while playing? If not so much, then which one should I focus on?
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Learn from the best.

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