I'm playing in a band with my an acoustic guitar with a Fishman soundhole pickup and an acoustic mandolin with Seymour Duncan stick-on piezo. Other instruments are lead guitar, bass and drums. We are starting to play out in small venues and need a budget PA for vocals and my acoustic instruments.

Seen good reviews of Harbinger Compact Portable PA tower with sub-woofer. I need to spend less than $500. Other than recommending I spend more because I will eventually want and need more, any thoughts?


Replacing a Fishman Loudbox Mini - any idea how I can integrate it into the new setup?
The PA you mention isn't available this side of the pond but with Piezo tweeters it isn't likely to give you the vocal quality you'd like. It also only has a two channel mixer and that is inconveniently in the cab, so hard to adjust if you are swapping between guitar and mandolin. Just a little more expensive is the Yamaha Stagepas 400i which will do what you want has more mixer channels and the mixer unclips from the speakers giving you the flexibility you'd need. If funds are tight then you could look for a used Stagepas 300i which is not as loud as the 400 which updated it but probably enough for an acoustic act. Obviously that depends upon how loud your bass/drums are. To be fair you'd probably need two of the harbingers anyway if the rhythm section is loud.
Electrovoice ZLX-12P $399 USA

126db max output
Great sound
Compact 34lb package

Need more sound? add another, or create a line array full of them.
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Hi, you are obviously attracted by the mini line array/sub combinations as both the systems you are looking at are this type of system. The only system of this type that I've actually used is the Bose. That's clearly more expensive and effectively both the systems you mention are copies of the Bose. My experience is that the bose sounds great but it isn't really loud enough for a band with a drummer. Certainly the Maui is going to struggle unless you have a particularly sensitive drummer. If you give us more details of your band and the sort of music you make it'll be easier to give you detailed advice. These satellite systems are really tidy on stage and the highly directional tops are useful in a lot of venues but at this price bracket they only really work well with semi acoustic acts not at rock band volumes.

Have you read through the Ultimate guide in the stickies above?