Hi guys, it's been a while but I've been busy with the mathematical studies lately. I bring you all a new piece, called Black Waters, and a link to the Soundcloud page is below. For fans of people who like progressive metal and thrash metal. There are some cool electronic percussion layers slathered over some sections and a cool phrygian dominant modulation on the original whole tone riff. Hope you all enjoy, I'm happy to C4C just about anything.

Just about everything about this is really good, but the guitar tone sounds a little far-off, like it was recorded in a room that echoed slightly or something. (Not sure how to describe or fix this because I've never recorded a real amp with a mic). It makes it sound separated from the electronic parts and the drums.

Other than that, it sounds awesome. Technical instrumental stuff like this is some of my favorite music.
I can't say I've heard of progressive thrash metal before, but it's working for me! This is a really interesting combination. It's not too far out there with the progressive element, it still has some appealing melodies. And the metal element gives it some power, but not one dimensional cliche metal stuff. I like it! Please review my music at this link (the first song is 80's alternative with synths & guitar; the second song is guitar oriented hard rock):

Black Waters is most definitely thrashy and progressive. The guitar riff at 0:40 is killer, and the double bass run that kicks in at 0:46 was perfect. This track reminds me of bands like Martyr and Acid Death. The glitchy percussive beat at 1:40 sounds futuristic.

Could you check out my track Pilfered seeds at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1705702 ?
Jesus were those keyboards I heard there??? Nice work man, nothing wrong with a little phrygian doma... whatever it was you said there man, way more technical speak than I will ever get. I normally don't like your style of music, but believe it or not, the use of the bass lines and the keyboards were really well done and I enjoyed it. I'm an old school metal guy, sabbath, iron maiden, you get the idea. Take it as a compliment that you won me over man...

Keep it up man.
@LeeAlocoque: That's BIAS Desktop, and I believe I know the source (there is a "room" option I have turned on), I think it sounds better with your suggestion (or at least as good as it can sound with my crappy playing).

@aaron_aadvark: You essentially take progressive rock or metal such as Yes, ELP, King Crimson, Dream Theater, etc and then mix it with thrash metal, i.e., Megadeth, Slayer, etc. Those are more household names than what I usually listen to but you should get where I'm coming from with those references.

@silvadolla: Thank you very much, if I may say so, I believe the key to good riffs is gradual development and "evolution" of the idea. This is essentially how I compose anything. Thanks for the references, I already know (and love) Martyr but I hadn't heard of Acid Death until your post. Thank you very much.

@domea: Yes, definitely, you can thank Finn Zierler for inspiring me to write with them. So I recommend "ESC" by Zierler and "Section X" by Beyond Twilight if you want similar. Phrygian dominant was the mode of choice for the variation on the whole tone riff starting at 2:22. Glad you liked it, and I certainly enjoy some of the older stuff myself as well as some new bands taking inspiration from it too. You should try out the album "Vessel" by Trial.
Great song man, really cool riffs, overall the production is good, no complaints there. I hear some Dream theater influence. Love the keyboard parts.

I would appreciate if you could check out any one of my backing tracks and let me know what you think, here is a link to my channel.