I wrote this song years and years ago, back when I used to frequent this board for inspiration. For that, thanks guys, I learned a lot about how to make music just by watching and listening to the tracks found right here.

Anyway, it's one of my favorites. I love how it flows. I just wanted to share some of my work and see if this board is still thriving, get some songwriting criticism (hopefully constructive), and contribute to the place that contributed so much to me.

C4C of course.

PS I've already recorded this song, it's the featured track on my bandcamp (https://fableaus.bandcamp.com/releases), so I'd like to also hear how you think it translated from gp5 to the real thing.
04 Thane of Swans.gp5
Very nice! I saw that other thread in which you're listing Summoning as an influence. I can totally hear what you're talking about, plus I really enjoyed the folk/neofolk bits. Perhaps you could have used some more conventional 'metal' drumming as the song progressed but given the genre that you play/compose it's not a major issue, it works just fine as it is. I don't know THAT much about folk black metal (I'm more likely to listen to Abigor instead of Summoning), so I'm probably not fit to criticize your work, which I really liked either way. Keep it up!
Thanks heaps! This song in particular was very heavy on the Summoning influence - no point trying to hide it - and honestly I'm not terribly proud of that as it's not particularly original. But music doesn't have to be original to be good! Some of the other songs on this album feature more typical metal/rock arrangements, alot of effort went into making the drums unique on each track, and I tried hard to encompass a variety of moods in my composition... but this one was a straight up inspiration from Oath Bound and it definitely shows.

Did Abigor do much material, and what would you recommend of theirs? I think I heard one of their albums, don't remember the name, but I remember it was reminisce of early Summoning like Lugburz or Minas Morgul. I understand they shared some band members so I guess that's not very surprising.

Do you have any works I can return a critique on?
I don't think that there is any kind of music that can be deemed completely original honestly... Everyone has his own influences and uses them accordingly. I'll make sure to listen to the whole 'To Glory Unknown' album of course . As for Abigor they are much more straightforward black metal (and yes Silenius has participated in some recordings if I'm not mistaken). Their most acclaimed album is 'Nachthymnen - From The Twilight Kingdom' but the last one was very good as well. For a more experimental approach you can listen to their 'Fractal Possession' album, it was more industrial/technical than the rest. (and they have an upcoming 4-way split with Thy Darkened Shade, Nightbringer and Mortuus). On a final note, there are also Amestigon, which are also black metal but way more melodic than Abigor and way harsher than Summoning. Silenius does vocals there too.

I wish I had something for you to critique, heh. I'm never too confident around my work so I keep most of my own compositions to myself whatever the genre (black, shoegaze, neofolk or whatever). Also I'm always too lazy to sit down and finish some of them, but I definitely want to do that. Thanks for asking though!
You seem to know your melodies! Very fluid, interesting but not so wacky they throw everything off, and it all compliments each other rather than battling for "ear space". I loved the inclusion of horn section and wind section "solos". Those definitely brought it away from feeling stale and brought out a little more of the folk influence here and there.

I've never been a fan of the tremolo stuff you get in blackened varieties of metal, but I understand where the influence comes from in this piece and well, what else can I say, it's quite tasteful I suppose, and not overly "blast-y".

I do have a recent composition I posted if you fancy taking a look, but I wouldn't want to say it's your cup of tea if this piece is anything to go by..... Still, totally up to you!