im beginner at guitar
i know guitar basics
i dont have a lot of money
what should i buy

a cheap amp (like Boston GA10)


Real Tone Cable (and rocksmith 2014) ?
I think you should better ask the community, dude
Rock on!

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It would help to know your budget, location, kind of music/tones you like and if youre willing to buy used or not.
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For just starting out I think Rocksmith is a great idea, especially when it's used to supplement an actual real human guitar teacher who can correct technique and help your growth.

You can preload tones that sound literally just like the album.

It's what $40? Go for it.
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With the right setup, Rocksmith can sound pretty decent.

Ideally, you'd want to use external speakers or a decent set of over-ear headphones. Wireless stuff can introduce very noticeable audio lag, though, so try and avoid that.
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I'd go with Rocksmith. I had a couple of false starts playing guitar and bass, Rocksmith 2014 gave it the structure I needed to stick with it. Realtone cables are hard to come by right now, if you're planning on playing on Steam it might be cheaper to buy a console version bundled with the cable. I bought the XBox 360 version and it was less expensive than the cable alone.
It depends can you play with your amp on (not a fan of using headphones while playing on amp) or not? If you can rock it at 11 buy amp, if not buy RS2014.
You should be aware that by now there is almost every song on RS (as custom dlc) that you could probably want to play so don't shake your head over song choice and genre span.
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