So i've got 4 greenbacks 30w from 1973 in a used cab i just bought.
The guy i bought it from says those speakers are worth a lot more than the greenbacks you can buy new these days.
i compared the sound of my greenbacks to some greenbacks in a new cab and mine do sound a lot better.
i used a peavey 6505mh head and the newer greenbacks sound kinda muddy compared to mine.
So that leaves me wondering... how much are they worth?
the cab cost me 500 EUR.
did i get a good deal?

Info on the speakers:
Celestion Greenback 12inch
30 watts
Year: 1973
Made in UK
"Rola celestion LTD."
i dont exactly understand what to look for to determine if they're worth more then others made now?
but thanks for that link.
what's the magnet? if they're heavy magnets they're more like g12h30s so if you compared them to regular medium magnet greenbacks you weren't really comparing like with like.

some of the older speakers are worth a fair bit of money but I don't know anything about that. if you do a bunch of googling you might find some info...
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