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Tubes are superior in every way
13 50%
Tubes are inferior in every way
2 8%
Tubes are cool I guess it really just depends on what music you wanna make
11 42%
Voters: 26.
I an an epiphany just a couple days ago. I've been chasing ultimate tone for years and years and a couple of months ago purchased an Egnater Tweaker 88 to fulfill my need for a low end since my Fender Vibrolux wasn't cutting it for me. Sure, the Vibrolux sounded good as a guitar, but as an experimental pedal dancer, it could not handle the sounds I wanted that covered the lows, so I got the Tweaker with a 2x12 cab and thought I was in heaven because I finally had a low end.

But alas, this month I have noticed the lack in my tone, the craving, and no amount of knobs can be tweaked to get the sound I want. I have given up.

But then I realized I love the sound of my guitar/rig through my Acoustic AG30 acoustic guitar amp. It sounds wonderful, has a very broad range of sounds, and gets pretty decently loud. Actually, I think I prefer this dinky $200 solid state amp over my two expensive, high end, tube amps.

I think I've been looking in the wrong direction for years. Tube amps are not the way, and I'm upset I have listened to traditional guitarists for so long. Tubes sound ugly, which in some circumstances is great (I still love my Vibrolux for that reason) but for fully wholesome music, they are inferior and horrendous. I feel like I've been duped for years and wasted thousands on tube amps, when the best sounding amps (such as Roland Keyboard Amps) sound three times better and cost half the price.

Whatever floats your boat dude

Wont float mine though
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In my opinion tube amps are great if you are looking for SRV, Hendrix or Clapton tones. For cleans a lot of guitarists are using solid state amps, i think most of jazz players prefer solid states. Solid state amps have also a good distortion in you want an oldschool death metal tone. I prefer solid state all the way.
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