I made a demo of quite a long song, which consists of 8 parts and is 35 minutes and 3 seconds long. The longest song I've ever done. I'm still hoping to have someone add some vocals to the track to tie it all a bit more together.

If you have the time give it a spin and let me know what you think.

Here's a youtube link instead:

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Very very nice man!! I listened to every part of the song, in general I think it's awesome, I'll get to my favourite parts from it later, the production sounds good, clear and characteristic, on the downside, the drums and guitars sound a bit raw, but I think the guitar has it's awesome sounding moments, like when you play a big chord and let it ring in some parts of the song.

In my opinion I think that if you use bigger and better sounding drums, make the guitars a bit bigger and the mix more spacey and bigger it will add a lot to this song. Also, the synth sometimes feels too loud compared to the other instruments, I think that a lead guitar would fit this song a lot better than the synth.

Now the best part from this for me is the music, I have to say, very good work with the guitar and I love it when you add other acoustic instruments to the song, this really surprised me in a very good way!

My favourite parts from this song were the guitar parts at 11:19, 12:59, the start of Part 4 and Part 5, and the change from Part 5 to Part 6, the riff at 25:18, the acoustic part at 28:34, the riffing at 31:57, and the best part by far for me is the acoustic riffing at 32:53, those chords are pure emotion! I love it!
The ending part in general is awesome, but I wish that the synth was a lead guitar hahaha

Congratulations, man! Very good work!
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Wow! It means so much to me to get feedback like this! Thanks so much! I appreciate all of it and will take it with me into improving the track and tracks in the future!