Cordoba has a reputation as being a good brand for the price. I own one (a C-5), it was my first "quality" guitar. I never play it anymore, because the action is too high for my tastes and the wide fingerboard makes playing it more difficult. I've even toyed with the idea of trying to play slide on it. I'd be quite willing to sell it for $300 and it has a nice hardshell case I'd throw in to boot, in cased you are anywhere near New Mexico and don't mind traveling.

Yamaha has a rep for producing good classical guitars too, I believe. That being said....I've never liked Yamaha's guitars (I like everything else they make though). I know they have a great rep, but literally every Yamaha I've played (except for the APX series) had sky high action and sounded like shit (I've only played them in Guitarcenters). Maybe I'm just really unlucky because everybody else seems crazy about Yamaha. On the other hand I've never played a Yamaha electric guitar so I can't judge them at all. I've heard the Pacifica is one of the better cheapo models.

I don't know much about La Patrie, but what little I've heard is good.
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I recommend Córdoba as well and throw Alvarez out there.

Of the two you recommended, the second seems like a better purchase due to the solid backs and sides. Due to it being the same manufacturer and very similar models, the likelihood of the first being a more quality instrument is very low. The solid sides/back will add longevity of tone for the guitar, i.e. all other things considered I think you will be less likely to upgrade with it rather than the other.

With that being said, I have not played a La Patrie guitar. My classical is an Alvarez MC90.

IMHO, Yamaha produce entirely middling classical guitars.
My God, it's full of stars!
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I've tried La Patrie, Cordoba and Yamaha classicals, and came very close to buying a Cordoba Fusion. However, for sheer good tonal quality, regardless of low price, the best I have tried were a couple or three Katohs. They seem to have invested in good design and workmanship rather than bling.