Hello all,
Does anyone own this or the EL34 version? I would love to play through one as I think this is the right amp for me. But without plugging in, this isn't a certainty.
I does however have exactly what I'm looking for, a good clean, a nice crunch, a heavy distortion channel and a brutal one. Mid Controlled is a huge plus.
I also would like to know what cab's you using. I'm thinking the 4 x 12 but not out on a 2 x 12 option.
Personally I really like the Eminence Legend 12 inch speakers, they sound to me better then anything I have heard , played owned etc.
The Quest for Tone.
Whatever you do, don't buy a Blackstar cabinet. The casters are held on by a small piece of plastic, and they only sell them in lots of 4. If the head construction is anything like their cab construction, my advice would be to pass. However, check out the Peavey JSX or the XXX 2 (same amp) because it too has a good clean, nice crunch, and brutal tone. Hell, for the price of the Blackstar, you could get a used Mesa Tremoverb which would be leaps and bounds better in both sound and construction.
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