I wanted a John Mayer signature model strat with the big dippers so badly but could not find one for a long time. I dig his tone so much and love the scooped mids. So finally I found a loaded pick guard from a JM sig, since I was predominantly after the pickups in the guitar, and decided I'd build my own guitar with a similar sound. Then I found a JM sig model. I bought that, but still have a tortoise shell pick guard loaded with big dippers. What kind of guitar could I put together using it that sticks to that same sound but varies enough to make it worth building a new guitar that prvoides SOME variance in application, even if it's not something enormous? Assume money is (obviously at a certain point an issue but) not a huge issue.
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Same electronics different guitar? Try getting a hardtail, I suppose, then you can do simultaneous bends.
I don't know what the question is. lol.

I don't see what is wrong with having two of the same guitar. lol.

different woods? different neck profile? as rooster said, hardtail?
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Go for a hardtail.
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Do you gig? If so drop the loaded pick guard into a used MIM strat and beat on it at shows.

Keep the signature model for safe use.
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Do you gig? If so drop the loaded pick guard into a used MIM strat and beat on it at shows.

Keep the signature model for safe use.

Might also want to replace the nut and maybe also the tuners on the MIM. Since getting some guitars with locking tuners, I'm really starting to appreciate the utility factor.