Fans of stoner and desert rock or blues rock!!

Two-piece stoner/blues rock band Filthy Lucre from Adelaide, South Australia released their debut full-length album (14 tracks) on January 30th 2016, recorded in Ashland, Oregon U.S.A. with internationally renowned producer Sylvia Massy (famous for her work with Tool, System of a Down, COG, Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Prince, among others).

Purchase or preview-stream link here: https://filthylucre.bandcamp.com/album/mara

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/filthylucremusic

Website: http://www.filthylucre.com.au
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Damn, that is awesome stuff! Loved "World Corp"! Funny thing, Sylvia Massy also produced the debut album from Bulk, my brother's previous band. Great producer!
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wyldelife Thanks man! Glad you dig it. That's funny your bros band recorded with her, what a small world! She's an amazing producer, and an exceptional person... I see why her friends refer to her as a "radiant being"