This has been re-written to try from a different angle.

What I have in mind is something like this:

The base tone is a dreadnought acoustic jazz tone. Smooth and pure, and a healthy amount of low mids and lows, but not boomy.

The attack doesn't clip, or even blip, it dongs like a tibetan singing bowl.

And the sustain is incredible, going for several seconds before it noticably decays.

Then the power amp is so hot it sings.

Lastly, I'd like to get this with software and low output volume.
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Sounds like a spliced signal into two amps - Bassman emulation with some sort of echo chamber or tape delay overlapped with a HK Tubeman Mk2 on clean setting for the bite and spark. Depends on the neck pickups too. I have Joe Bardens that get that way into my Laney LC15 when I roll off a little volume and the control to about mid.
The first clip doesn't count in this because it's a bridge pickup.

So. The attack is decently rounded off, but otherwise it sounds pretty normal. There's a lack of bass. Also, by sustain/decay I mean for a count of at least five before it drops off very much. But is has to remain dynamic in volume.