Hi, I'm constantly tuning my guitar on stage after every song, doing other band mates heads in lol, plus all the pausing to tune up is disrupting the flow of the gig etc. The guitar is fine and it's just me being obsessive with tuning. I could get away with not tuning after EVERY song but use a cap on a lot of them and defo need to tune when putting it on/taking off. Capo is too strong and heard the Shubb deluxe will solve this problem. Anyone any experience with Shubbs? Cheers
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in my experience if you are constantly tuning your strings, its time to get new strings. the capo cant be too strong, since it clamps the strings to the neck, the same as a normal bar chord with your hands.
The strings are brand new, the capo is really hard to open and it sharpens the strings
So I got my Shubb Deluxe, £18, still putting guitar out of tune ? Strings are brand new so it's not them, had it set up at dawsons recently too. Something must be wrong with the guitar
Sounds like a capo placement or setup problem. Time to have a chat with a good guitar tech and show them exactly what you are having trouble with.
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My reply is a little biased as I work for them, but a G7th Performance 2 capo will solve your problems! All you do is squeeze it into place as hard as you would a barre chord and then it holds position. To take it off, you simply squeeze again on the release lever and it comes off! You have complete control over the tension placed on your strings to you know you won't pull it out of tune. It's light, stores easily on the headstock or behind the nut, and comes with a Lifetime Warranty.