I bought a shoddy bass guitar off eBay for about $100 and I want it as a toss around bass, but somebody tried using it as a project bass, and ruined the wiring. I don't care about tone and I just want it to work and have no interest in learning how to wire. Is it feasible at all to wire both the Jazz pickup and the Humbucker into the output jack bypassing all the pots? And how would I do it?
Cheers, Alex
Well I assume you would just wire the ground wire from both pickups to the ground on the output and wire the hot leads to the other terminal on the output jack and then ground it on the casing to one of the pots. Best just wait for someone with more experience to chime in.
Just wire the pickups' hot wires to the hot lug of the output jack and the pickups' ground wires to the ground lug. No need to ground the pot casings since they won't be used.