I recently submitted my first tabs and they got approved and listed on this site yay! But I found some discrepancies in them. How do I go about editing them? Or can I edit them?
Push your name from the upper right corner (...next to your IQ-value), then go to 'tabs', which is lower left corner of your page. After that choose 'edit' next to the song you want to edit.
Your tabs have yet to be approved, at least as far as I can see. If the tab still is in the TPA then all you have to do is open it, make the necessary edits in the tab body, and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit Save

If your tab has been approved then there's two ways you can access its edit page:

1. Via the tab itself
There is a small Edit button in the top right corner of the tab. Press that button and you will be directed to the edit page.

2. Via your "My Contributions" page
You will see a complete list of all your tabs (here you can also see their status (approved/pending/rejected)) and in the rightmost column there is an Edit button

Ah ok...I was emailed saying my tabs were accepted, but they aren't showing up in my "my contributions" folder. Maybe it takes longer time for that to happen?

In any case, I will make the necessary changes if/when they show up in that folder. Thanks for the reply