Hi, I hope this is the right section for the kind of question i have to ask.
I was lately listening to some of the stuff Jack White made in recent years (after the White Stripes period actually) and I came across a couple of songs in which the fuzz guitar tone was so extremely heavy that blew me away.
As we all know, White often uses a Big Muff as his fuzz of choice, but these songs clearly dont sound like that at all.

The Raconteurs - Salute your Solution @1:46

Jack White - High Ball Stepper during the whole song, but mostly @1:58

Can anyone help me find out how this kind of fuzz sound can be achieved? (im not necessarily talking about pedals, but more generally)

Thank you!
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IME, when y want fuzz like that, you are talking pedals. Some fuzzes can't deliver that kind of sound, others can do it all day, every day.

Here are 3:

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The thing with fuzz pedals is I find they are very sensitive to voltages. That particular tone reminds me of a gated fuzz with the voltage turned down quite a bit (which is used to simulate the effect of a dying battery basically). You might be able add a gate control to a big muff and put a dying battery in there to simulate that effect but it might be easier to just get a gated fuzz with a voltage control.
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look up the bazz fuss, i have built a dozen in the last few days, totally destroyed nasty thick fuzz if you want.

zvex mastotron is a gnarly fuzz, so is the fuzz factory. they can get pretty crazy.
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Perhaps a bit overkill but if you prefer a joystick to control your fuzz parameters, lol, check out the Walrus Audio Janus Fuzz/Tremolo. It goes from typical Big Muff to filthy chaos. Its a blast to use the absurdly heavy fuzz, it makes me giggle sometimes when its sounding particularly evil.

Plus it has a nice warm sounding tremolo (independent from the fuzz).
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He uses a bass balls for that I think probably boosted with micro amp.
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