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The riffs in this track remind me of pre-2010 Born of Osiris. I thought the lead levels could be bumped up between 1:00 and 1:20, they were a little low in the mix. The drums could use a little bit more variation in velocity. That being said, they are very aggressive and go well with the style. I liked the double bass tone. The outro that starts at 2:55 reminded me a little bit of Now You've Got Something to Die For by Lamb of God.

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dat intro making me feel the faceless had a baby with BOO and then threw in some metalcore breakdowns and then, repeat!

Sounds like late 2000's metal, a mixture of various sub-genres, coz I wasn't expecting the riff to end up like it did after the intro. And along came some dual guitar leads, working very well in the song.

Bruh, dat riff at 1:31 really sat well with me. Love riffs that introduce a headbanging rhythm to the listener.

I like your songwriting and choice of tracking the guitars as dynamically as possible. All this needed was a on par vocalist and it'd make for a serious tune to jam to. Super nice work dat ending tho

C4C, kinda, maybe, sorta?