Got $$$ burning a hole in my pocket

Play mostly classic rock with a desire to shred

Got a Jem70v that is my main instrument; giving to my daughter soon though.
Have several other mid-range guitars.

Looking to purchase either a:
LP Standard
Tele Elite
Prestige S
or maybe....a in stock Kiesel.

Strats feel comfortable to me, like the neck of my jem, so leaning toward prestige, but because i like classic rock i'm chewing on the idea of a LP Standard

Not comparing the price anyone have words of wisdom. Feel like I should go the route of a LP and then eventually pick up a Standard Tele (not elite). Though i like the noiseless pickups....

If I could sell all my guitars today, i would just own a Prestige , Tele, and LP i think....
I will say this, if a JEM70v is your "main axe" and you love it, I'd say stick with your guns. The prestige's are great guitars all around, and extremely tough to beat for the price point. I'd even so get a minty used one and save a ton of cash in the process.

That said, its not like a good LP or Tele are bad either! They are just quite different animals. If you have to pick one, I'd personally lean on the prestige, since youre already comfortable with that style of neck.
You could also have a look at the PRS S2 series, which are probably close to the Fender Elite price point, maybe a bit under.
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Shredding is more about comfort than a particular guitar type. I don't see that going from a JEM to something else will make it easier for you to shred.

That said, hard to go wrong with an in-stock Kiesel.

Tell us more about what yo have and what you want to do.
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Shredders generally like thinner necks and high fretboard access which pretty much rules out normal LPs (although Zakk Wylde seems fast enough on his Custom)
Moving on.....
Not sure what your budget is but a used USA Jackson Soloist is most definitely a shredding machine.
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