Has anyone modded the Chinese JM JM? You know, the gold pickguarded one?

If so, have you replaced the bridge with a mastery Bridge or a Staytrem?

If you have, have you had to fill and redrill the holes/use a combination of that and adaptors?

I wait, anxiously.

courtneytaylor Update on this - i changed out the trem unit to a Fender one and it's definitely a little more reliable.

Still wondering if anyone has enjoyed new pickups - kind of wary to bother with a basswood guitar...
sashki It's just a bit soft and the tone is a little....undefined? Not sure it's worth putting the effort and money into it. Having said that, I could always take the pickups out and put them into something else.

I'm mainly wondering if anyone has found pickups etc that work well with it!
Ippon Thinking about dong a similar thing. I f I don't like it I'll try other pick ups and keep the SD's (Probably Antiquitys) for something else