Hi all,

I recorded an acoustic/vocal cover of 'Aviation' by The Last Shadow Puppets. The only effects on the vocal is a slap back delay/reverb and a doubled track to fill it out a little. I really would like to hear some opinions/tips/advice, I'm not naturally a singer. Please constructive criticism only, this my first time actually putting out a song with me singing!

I know theres probably loads of technical things I can do better but overall is it listenable? I would like to sing for a band, and just want to know if I'm good enough.

Here's the link:

Humbug808 pretty solid. much better than most. You could probably sing on stage already at this point. I think that you're a little nasally. I know that Alex and Miles can get nasally, but they can float in and out of it, and exaggerate for stylistic purposes. You dont wanna do it constantly. You also go a little off key occasionally. If you sing along when you do scales on your guitar it'll really help you to stay in key.
Wow thanks man I really appreciate it. I was aiming for the way Miles/Alex would sing the track, but maybe wasn't dynamic enough with the nasally tone along with a fuller voice. I'll definitely put some more scale work in the warm up as well
Humbug808 Hey man love your tone and you unique vocal style. One thing you could improve on removing a bit of nasality is to try to exaggerate your mouth movement - make sure that you're dropping your jaw so that you're soft palate(the back of the roof of the mouth) is raised and less air flows through the nose.
Hey thanks man! I appreciate the kind words, I'll give the technique a try. Cheers!