aaron aardvark link doesn't seem to work. Would you mind putting a new one up? *ok nevermind, Im in India right now and apparently their government blocks it, sorry buddy*
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Hey there Aaron!

Are these new songs? Cause i remember listening to them a few months ago. I have left you a comment as well back then.

Hmmm....I've had people comment on my tunes from India in the past, but that's been a couple of months ago. Soundclick may not work 100% of the time for everyone, though every website on the internet is down once in a while.

I first went public with "You Better Believe" in November 2005, and I don't think I've brought attention to it in well over 10 years. I thought it was unlikely anyone on this forum has heard it before unless they checked out my earliest public releases. I first went public with "Save Me From Myself" on July 9, 2016 as you can see at this link:

save me from myself - i think the chorus effect is used too harshly on voice and synth melody. i like the riff under the vocal parts. the voice seems to jump a lot in volume i wonder if compression could fix this. otherwise seems to be mixed well, solid structure.
Hey Aaron, I like the song, here is a couple of thoughts!

First, off, love the synth line, it's fantastic, and the synth line is mixed beautifully, the whole thing really reminds me of the pop classic "Cars" I think the vocals should be turned down just a little bit try cutting some like 500hz ish, they sound kind of boxy, maybe some verb to help them sit back in the mix just a little

other than that, awesome
https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1705484 take a look please!
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Hi aaron,

Sorry my reply has taken so long, ive been on holiday and so very busy. Thanks heaps for your critique

Save me from myself is well produced and the structure is good. The intro is a little long in my opinion for a 3 and a half minute song, but otherwise the sections are all a good length. The piece has a very pink floyd vibe to it, the doubled vocals punctuate that most accurately

Better Believe is very classic metal. I feel like the drums leave a bit of wanting, see if you can mix the drums to make them really pop and support the aggressive feeling of the song. The mix is done well in terms of audio levels, but again it feels a little empty. Add more subtle background tracks to fill out space. Structure and all are good
Hi Aaron, thanks for your reply to my track, it means a lot to me. As for your stuff, well I enjoyed "You Better Believe 2" the most. I like the flanger (?) on the guitar, and the riffs are very catchy. I feel like the drums lack a bit of punch, especially the snare and kick. They need to be upfront, ready to tear down the house. Maybe increment the volume a tad, or a touch more compression. As for "Save Me From Myself" is mixed a bit better for the style, but I feel like the drums are not loud enough and the vocals are too loud. Although I'm not a fan of the style, I can appreciate the appeal towards it. I do recall enjoying some of your previous synth work and this one is much the same. I think your compositions are quite good, but you need something to make the mixes "pop" a bit more. Sorry I can't be more helpful, perhaps some careful application of compression/limiters?
hey aaron, thanks for the review

i listened to "you better believe", as always the production feels old school, maybe you should eq or compress the bass a bit more as it feels too loud when it enters the song or when you hit the strings harder, not really a problem for the song, it fits well, it's just a detail

the guitar riff sounds good and the part where you play it with the wah pedal sounds cool!

good job!
Aaron you better believe me 2 was an awesome song, had this killer punk vibe. The vocal effect as cool but a little overbearing. Great bass tone, how did you get it? Also love when the guitar came in with the wah. I could listen to a whole album of this stuff but I'd like the vocals to be just a bit less wet.
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Thank you for your comments, I appreciate it! My use of vocal effects has been controversial for a long time. Some people like it, some people think I go overboard, and some people even want more of it. I just feel my vocals usually sound weak without the effects (usually stereo delay, and some modeled tube pre-amp thing). As far as electric bass, I always use a Yamaha RBX260. On "You Better Believe 2" I start out using a pick & later slap it with my thumb. I used the Bass Pod (non XT) Versatone Pan-O-Flex amp model and soon goes into slap bass with Mesa/Boogie Bass 400+ amp model (all with high compression and maximum drive). I probably had the clean bass signal on one track, and the Bass Pod amp model stuff on another track. The 2 together usually sound better than just the amp modeled stuff by itself.
As I've said before, Aaron! Your tunes have a certain signature which are present in every track you present. I mean this as a compliment!
Save me from myself was a bit too weird for my tastes, but the manic feel of the vocals fit the lyrical theme very well. You manage to conjure up a unique atmosphere in the song, which is very positive. You better believe 2 had some really cool instrumental parts, but overall I found it a bit difficult to "get into the groove" of the song. A common denominator in both of the songs is that they have a bit too long introduction, for my tastes.

This is all in my opinion, of course.
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Oh man, that synth in the first forty or so seconds of Save Me From Myself is awesome. The song as a whole is fantastic and has an infectious 80's vibe that I absolutely adore. I actually like the vocals as they are, effects and all, but I might turn them down a little bit in the mix. They're quite a bit louder than the rest of the song, especially when they first come in.

The bass sound in You Better Believe is so freaking thick, I love it. The guitars on this are fantastic as well, and that guitar with the wah is amazing. Also I really, really like the vocals on this one. Overall these are both damn good songs.

Having reviewed a few of your tracks in the past, I have to say you really seem to have a style all your own and it's always extremely refreshing to hear.
Hi Aaron, good to see you still around. Thanks for the feedback.

Save Me From Myself:
Really like the chord progression in this one. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning of the song, but once the layers started building it turned out rather nicely. Definitely in your top half of productions. Nice one. You have a unique style that might be a bit divisive (it even is to me sometimes), but I like that you stick with it because it's very recognizable.
Hey man, Sorry I didn't get to respond earlier, for some reason I am not getting notifications anymore. Anyways, I listened to the 1st couple of songs like you recomended and to be honest, they really aren't in a genre I listen to off. The vocal sound has an almost early rob zombie feel to the type of effects you used. As for the guitar parts @ the intro and the main riff I almost started thinking I was about to hear a duece cover but then it went a whole different direction. Couple of pointers that are just MY opinion, i can't stand the drum tones and production. They are super dry and sound almost like a stock midi drum kit. The guitar tone is also VERY VERY dry and harsh. Once again, reminds me of a stock "distortion" plugin from the sold Sony Vegas possibly? The song also gets a bit repetitive for me. (Just being honest in MY very one sided opinion so take it with a grain of salt) haha. Anyways, I think you are on a very cool journey and would love to hear this produced higher quality. Keep at it man!
Sorry for the delay, been mega swamped.
Save Me From Myself - starts off very quirky and a bit 80s. The electronic bits work well. The overall mix could be a little softer somehow. It reminded me of Babylon Zoo at points. You should check out the album Trans by Neil Young, if not for ideas but you might like it anyway. Can relate to sentiment of this track.
You Better Believe - more NIN-y and aggressive. Vocal could do with a little less distortion to hear the lyrics a bit clearer. Bassline is good.
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Howdie, Aaron! Hope all is going well with you!

Save Me from Myself - I love the 80's-ish feel to this track. The vocals also kind of remind me of something that Les Claypool would do. Always refreshing to hear your music since it is so different from anything anyone else posts.

You Better Believe - Now this has a 90's feel to it, its like growing up all over again! And once again I'm going to point out that your vocals sound a bit like Les Claypool, especially from Primus' Antipop album. I hope you continue with your style of music, dude. Absolutely love everything you put out!

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