Hi Guys
I'm about to buy a new guitar and due to the limited amount of good guitars available in my country, I'm either going to have to go with an Ibanez GRG270 or RG421 or ESP guitar within 330$ range.I currently have a acoustic guitar and I really want something better. The GRG270 looks awesome, and RG421 too but GRG270 has tremolo bar and RG421 doesn't. I'm just confused please suggest me. Which one is better?

BTW,i like playing progressive metal(DT type).
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I have an RG421 in Weathered Black, it is my first guitar.
I really like the design and feel of the wood and it sounds pretty good for rock and classic metal.
Haven't tested modern metal yet, because it is still in Standard Tuning and most metal songs use Drop Tunings.
Don't know about the GRG270 but I love my RG421
Definatley RG421
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RG421. The bridge on the GRG270 is gonna be horrible. You should stay away from floating bridges at that price point. Also the overall quality of RG421 is gonna be better than the 270.
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