Great stuff. I like how it slowly builds to something big and full.
But I think drums are little quiet.
Holy crap... That is one catchy riff dude! It somewhat reminded me of Street Fighter haha. I could totally see that song playing on the background of a fighting scene in a movie.

You know, before the drums kicks in, you could play the riff once purely with harmonics, I think it would be very nice.

If I may ask, which audio interface have you used to record this? That's some high quality sound

On a side note, at 2:18 transition, when the tone changes, I would change the guitar tone to a brighter one if I were you. It sounds like a VOX AC30 as it is, but it isn't one fitting the climax of the song. I think you should add some more "life" to the tone in that part.

Overall, pretty great song, catchy riff, high quality sound. Earned a spot on my playlist.
I agree that the drums could be louder. Also on the lead guitar, did you insert the reverb on the same track? It sounds a bit much at times and drowns the rhythm guitars and drums. IMO it's almost always best to put reverb on a separate track with 100% mix and send the guitar (or whatever) to it so you can easily control how much you want to hear.

I think it's a very cool song though. Definitely has a Sithu Aye vibe to it
Starts out rather pleasant. Then, surprisingly to me, gets more intense. I agree the drums could be louder on the less mellow parts (I often suffer the same problem, though compression on the drums helps me). Otherwise, it sounds really nice (includes sound quality)! Very good guitar playing. Please review my music at this link (if the first song is too odd for you, try the second one):

would love to collab with you if you're ever into sharing a song with me writing lyrics and melody, this is way rad. good job. doesn't get boring or anything and progresses nicely:]
Really great job on the audio production, sounds professional. Also like how the energy builds. When the distortion comes in the lead guitar feels a little lost in the mix, although I think that may be a stylistic choice and if thats the case thats fine. The second lead guitar cuts through a lot better. Overall this is really good.

Please comment on any one of my backing tracks found on my channel here.
shit man.. the leads at 1:50 are too damn good.
and that guitar sound... you just KNOW its a fender lol. awesome solos and leads tho man. your lightyears ahead of me on that front.
Very professional sounding. Very nice playing without too much predictability. The lead should be a touch lighter, which someone already mentioned, I think. Then again, I think what comes out through different speakers or headphones likely is a bit different. Overall impressed.