Hello! Today at an estate sale I found this neat looking old (maybe 30s, 40s?) unbranded, no markings on it at all, acoustic guitar. It had some water damage on the back, so I offered $10 USD and they took it.
My question is, what brand is it? I have a closeup of the front and back of the headstock because I know that is helpful in ID'ing guitars.

Thanks a lot!

I was asked to show photos of the inside of the guitar Here they are with captions built into the photos themselves to help orient the viewer.

Dreadnought does have a point. Some of those shots show some pretty rustic craftsmanship.

The top to side reinforcements, (I forget the proper name for them), look like they were kerfed with a dull hacksaw blade. Of course today, those are all pre-cut on CnC machines. Much nicer.

Then too, it couldn't be said for certain that any of the markings through the sound hole, could specifically be tied to a label have been there.

To the upside, the wood looks like mahogany through and through. It's possible that it's solid wood. Just for laughs I'd throw a set of repro "vintage open tuiners", and a set of strings on it, then see what happens. Oh hell, at this point you could even tune it up with a set of pliers.

This is a tough call.
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The guitar strap "holder" has a pin that comes out on the back, so here a photo of the back and a closeup of the water damage. It is pretty bad on the bottom.
Don't worry, I work sales at a guitar shop and I can use their workbench and workmen on my break times for free to repair and remove the top and bottom. Also, I can put new buttons on the tuners for the cost of the buttons (which are very cheap)

Unfortunately, in that shot, it does look like the guitar is all laminate. Although, "for better of worse", might be a gentler way of putting that.
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...[ ]...Look at the grain in the top in the very first pic, bass side next to the tailpiece. It looks like ordinary plywood-style veneer, where it is sliced off a revolving cylinder, rather than the faux-quartersawn type usually seen in laminate tops.
Maybe we should copy these images over to the Martin thread to illustrate the virtues of "fine hand craftsmanship".
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What a brilliant idea. You do it, I feel a headache coming on.
Maybe it would be better if we asked Dave to do it....
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Yeah, he could do a much better job of it than either of us.

This is a good time to point out that while this guitar shows every sign of being a chain store cheapo, that isn't any reason to dismiss it out-of-hand. Given the present interest in CBGs, I can see potential for something like that.