Hello! This has probably been discussed a million times but I don't know my way around the forum well enough to find what I'm looking for... I've been playing guitar for a couple of years and have gotten more and more interested in learning how to work on guitars. Soooo.... So far I've done basic setups on friend's guitars, set up, replaced pups, nuts Etc on my guitars. Put a new neck on a tele and finally I bought a beat up Squire Strat, upgraded electronics, etc and sold it on Reverb for slightly more than I paid for parts, but I learned things in the process. So, finally my question... I could keep buying beat up Squires, but I think I would get bored with that, so I considered building from new components from Guitarfettish, etc. Can the hobby be sustainable buying parts and selling assembled guitars in this way? I'm not looking to make a ton of money or anything, but would be nice to make a little bit on each guitar to keep the hobby self funding while I learn and then keep putting higher quality instruments together. Does this approach make sense at all? Any similar experiences?
kabadi.man Thank you. My question arised when I started adding up the cost of making a guitar from new parts and realizing the total that I would end up. I think I will make my goal to eventually be comfortable enough with my results that I spend the money on parts and build something very nice that I plan to keep in my collection. In the mean time, I will keep learning on repairs and upgrades.
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after three attempts, i have only come ahead ONCE on fixing up a guitar. i got lucky. i think the only reason i did was i kept almost all of the stock parts on it other than electronics and pickguard, i think the only reason i did get more than i had into was maybe because there aren't many silver MIM strats around.

i did it for my entertainment. if you are doing it for money, you may make $50 but you are going to have a lot of time invested. so it has to be for fun, unless you bill yourself out at pennies an hour. lol.

i must say i don't enjoy it any more for entertainment. i will work on guitars i own, may paint a body to hang up on a wall, but that is about it.

if you like doing it, go at it.

good luck!
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