Hello guys. I have a little problem. I want to change my pickup to Wilde L500XL which have coil split. And i have no idea how to wire it. My guitar :
2 pickups :
-neck Duncan Designed HB-103b
-bridge Wilde L500XL
L500XL have coil split duncan dont have
-3 way toggle switch
-1 volume
-1 tone <-- i want to use tone pot as "spin-a-split"
Can i do it with normal tone pot without buying a new one?
My biggest problem is wiring diagram. Can someone draw me how to connect it? I cant find diagram for this setup [2 humbuckers 1 volume 3way toggle switch and spin-a-split(tone) only for bridge pickup]
Wilde have other colors : (info from wilde site)
-White Wire -- Hot
-Black/Blue Wires -- Ground
-Red/Green Wires -- Twist together, insulate with shrink wrap or electrical tape for humbucking OR solder to either a push/pull or on/off switch for split coil.