Hey guys. I posted this in the wrong section so if you saw it I apologize for that. I bought an LTD ec 256 today and when i got home i noticed what seems to me as a crack in the headstock filled with glue. Do you guys agree or do you think it's just a weird pattern in the wood ? https://scontent.flis1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t34.0-12/13617966_10201908126740970_1210408812_n.jpg?oh=f1411f4280cecb643049864e4c82df3f&oe=5783BE15
hard to tell from the photo (not sure i could tell for sure even in real life ) but i wonder is it more of a chip (in the wood or the finish)?
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Dave_Mc Maybe it is. I'm just afraid it could lead to breaking. Thanks for the quick response XD. Maybe I shouldn't have bought a guitar directly of the shelve -_-
That won't hurt anything.
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