Just picked myself up the god that is the peavey 6505 combo.. i like to play metalcore type of stuff : Bullet for my Valentine, Falling in Reverse, A day to Remember

1: What settings do i want to put on the Amp? i've found some online but it was for the head not the combo
2: What pedals should i get for it? I have a Podhd300 but looking to sell it for a top quality pedal or two. also have a Boss NS2.

Any help will be appreciated!

1: What settings may sound good in one room may sound bad in another room. Just turn the EQs up and down until you find your own favourite settings. You can't really go wrong with a 6505's settings. Don't turn the gain up to 10. It's unnecessary.

2: Whatever pedals you want. If you feel that in a few months time you have a lot of unnecessary noise when not playing, then yes, invest in a noise gate from your brand of choice. NS-2 is a great choice but not the only one.

Which effects do you like to use from the Pod HD300? Get pedal variations of those.
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Lavatain I'm not experienced with any pedals or effects so i have trouble knowing what to look for...
It sounds to me like you want "that sound" so I'll explain some options. What you pick is entirely down to you.

Before I go in detail, here's a video I made a couple of years ago. This was done with the 6505 head, not the 112, but having owned both I can say most of this will still apply. It will show you what settings can give what tones.

Settings-wise you should probably run the red channel, gain on about 2-3, volume to taste. Put all the EQ on 6 and then tweak it up or down by a couple from there as you play. I found something along the lines of low 6, mid 5, high 7, res 6, pres 8 worked best most of the time with my setup.

The standard combination with this amp is a Tube Screamer or similar run into the amp with low gain and high level. This is to boost the signal and make it hit the amp harder. I'm sure someone else can explain the specifics better than me if you really want to know how/why it does this. Personally I have a TS9DX but any Tube Screamer or clone will get the job done.

Noise gates are pretty much required as well. I also owned an NS2 until I sold it yesterday, and found that it worked very well with the amp. Just make sure if you are using the X pattern setup. This will mean the NS2 is effectively gating both your chain in front of the amp as well as the FX loop:

A lot of people prefer the ISP Decimator, but I had no issues with the NS2.

Many people like some kind of EQ pedal as well to shape the tone. I used to have a GE7, and I know the MXR10 is frequently used with this amp. In hindsight I wouldn't bother, at least not until looking at tubes/speaker (more on that below). You can also use an EQ pedal as a boost for a solo, for example, which can be helpful live. If you aren't playing live, I would personally skip this.

Tubes and speakers I am by no means an expert with, so this is mostly going to be me regurgitating the same information I was given when I was in the same position as you. You will notice a large sonic improvement if you replace the speaker with a Celestion V30 or similar. This will likely give a larger improvement than any single pedal, apart from possibly the Tube Screamer. I waited quite a while before doing this with my 112 and I wish I had done it sooner.

The tubes I replaced entirely with JJs (preamp and power tubes). This did make a tonal difference but it was smaller than some of the other things I have suggested. As I said, if you are interested in looking at tubes and speakers then I am not the best person to speak to.

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Anyway, hope this helps.
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